Node.js is an exciting platform for building web applications in JavaScript. With its unique I/O model, it excels at the sort of scalable and real-time situations we are increasingly demanding of our servers. The ability to use JavaScript for both the client and server opens up many possibilities for code sharing, expertise reuse, and rapid development. The class is intended for anyone looking to explore the capabilities of the Node.js development platform.

At the end of the class, students will have gained a grasp on node's ecosystem and paradigms, be able to write node modules that they can publish and share, and will have experimented with writing realtime web applications.

Level Pre-Requisites

  • Can write basic JavaScript code (script tags, functions, variables, HTML manipulation)

  • Can write HTML and CSS - Understands form submission (client and server relationship)

Required class materials / software

  • Bring a laptop (any operating system that has a command line and a web browser is fine - e.g. Mac OSX, Windows, and Ubuntu)

  • Have your system's build dependencies installed, as well as git and node. Need help? Guide here.

  • Source code editor installed (Atom is what I use)


Benjamin Lupton is the founder of Bevry, an open-company and community dedicated to empowering developers everywhere. He has worked in web development since 2005, and specialised in JavaScript since 2009. He has created over 200 open-source JavaScript projects, which have been used in some of the world's biggest web-sites/apps (Basecamp, Spotify, Ustream) and by some of the world's biggest companies (Microsoft, Adobe, GitHub, Atlassian).

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