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General Contributions


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Support is provided through our Support Channels. We have some Support Guidelines and Chat Guidelines that contains tips for receiving and providing support.

Technical Contributions


Follow the Bevry Coding Standards when writing your changes


To update our documentation:

  1. Our documentation is located at the bevry/documentation repository
  2. We have strict documentation criteria that all documentation changes must abide by
  3. You can edit a file by opening that file in the repository browser, and then clicking the "Edit" button
  4. Once done, click save changes or whatever the button says and this will then take you to a "Submit Pull Request" page
  5. Fill in the details and click submit

DocPad documentation is located at the docpad/documentation repository


Refer to the project's CONTRIBUTING.md file for its applicable development instructions. If the file is missing, refer to our standard CONTRIBUTING.md file instead.