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Here are some suggestions for our IRC Support Channels

  1. Members are from all different time zones, so while hopefully someone will be around right then and there to answer your question, sometimes it may take a while, so waiting patiently will be awesome. Time zone calculator

  2. A lot of users also use tools like IRCCloud so they can record the room's chat history when they are not there and catch up and reply when they get back.

  3. As of September 17 2013 we use BotBot.me to record the #docpad channel's chat history.

  4. If you don't get the support you need, check out our other Support Channels.

  5. If you figure something out, then be sure to catalog the solution on our Stack Overflow Forum by using the docpad tag in your question. It's totally OK to answer your own questions as it helps the community as a whole, especially as when someone else hits the same issue as you, they will be able to find the answer thanks to you!

  6. We have a few bots on the channel, some allow you to do nifty things

    1. BotBot Guide
  7. Cheers, and happy chatting :+1: